Certificate detail: LEADCERT - KU Professional Leadership Certificate

The University of Kansas Professional Leadership Certificate Program can help you become an inspirational, team-driven leader, uniquely equipped to navigate the challenges of today's rapidly evolving business environment. And you can earn a professional credential from a respected Research 1 University! Topics include leading with emotional intelligence, managing change, coaching individuals and teams for high performance, business presentation skills, leading in a remote work environment, and building a winning organizational culture. You also receive two hours of one-on-one professional coaching tailored to your individual development needs.


The program requires five one-day workshops, three of which are required and two of which are elective. You have two years to complete the program and earn your certificate, but the course schedule is designed so that you can finish in seven months.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why people resist change and the techniques to move change initiatives forward with maximum buy-in
  • Create a roadmap for driving cultural improvement in your unit or organization
  • Apply the 6-step coaching sequence to maximize team member success
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence through the application of several techniques
  • Appreciate the importance and impact of a leadership brand
  • Develop and deliver clear, compelling business presentations

Who Is the Program For?

  • Organizational directors, middle managers, team leads, and supervisors, who are responsible for leading teams toward the achievement of performance objectives.
  • High-potential employees who are advancing toward leadership positions

Choose Your Way to Learn

  • Live-Online: You will be given a log-in so that you can join the training live from anywhere. Our virtual classroom is equipped with numerous learning tools that promote engagement and facilitate application of knowledge.
  • Live In-Person: This program also is available in-person on a mutually agreeable schedule.