Course Detail: CEPD-CAN2OL - Illinois Dispensary Agent Training

Illinois Dispensary Agent Training: overview of the Cannabis Industry with focus on the retail side (cannabis dispensary). Class covers the biology of the cannabis plant & the biology of the human body & why we get relief from this medication. We cover the daily working of the dispensary along with a full overview of the products & consumption methods. This class also comes with a full resume review (how to write it & post class assistance) and students will take a test for the certification.
3.5 hour class - $129

Illinois Dispensary Training
This 3.5-hour class is customized to present Illinois' specific laws as they apply to getting into the industry and laws that apply to working in a dispensary every day like state purchase and possession limits, age restrictions and POS requirements. Additionally, the class will focus on the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid & terpenes from the Cannabis Plant, product information and dosage recommendations. We even provide a resume review for students of this class. Be ready to take a test to earn your Budtender Certification! 

HempStaff has been training nationwide for over 7 years. Since 2014, we have certified over 10,000 students. Our training staff have passion for the cannabis plant and compassion for the consumer. The team thrives on not only training candidates to go out into the industry and shine but we are extremely proud to be advocates in our industry. We know that the world will always be full of opposition but it is our goal, to change one mind a time with fact and education. Knowledge is Power!

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