America is a nation of laws based on a rule of law that citizens of its free society endorse and [presumably] obey. Today public violence is becoming commonplace as the Internet and traditional media sources report growing numbers of protests, resulting in destruction of property, personal injury and even death. When people dissent over injustices, is there ever a justification for civil disobedience?
Join us as we head to Historic Tarboro to see what this charming town has to offer. We will visit local museums, enjoy lunch at one of the town's most popular lunch venues and tour the new brewery.
No event of the 20th century had more impact than the personality of Adolf Hitler and the rise of Nazi Germany. The course objective is to look at Adolf Hitler's rise from the ranks of the unknown to a virtual demi-god in the Nazi state.
What does happen after a person is arrested? This course will review the side of the criminal justice system that most people assume they know about, corrections. This course will move through all levels of correctional programming, from pre-trial programs, incarceration in local detention centers and prisons, probation, parole and community based correctional programs.
As we age, we are presented with many choices that will make our senior years more rewarding. All of us should have a plan for living our golden years to get the best out of life. To be discussed: the advantages of aging in place, how to age with dignity, and maintaining independence, and exploring options for senior care.
This class is intended for those using Windows-equipped computers. It is a general computer literacy course aimed at giving you information on using some of the common features of personal computers.
If you want to write your memoirs and don't know where to start, this class is a good place to begin. We will provide ideas and tips to get you started writing stories.
This 3 part series that begins with a screening of the PBS Frontline film "Being Mortal". Based on the best selling book by Atul Gawande, MD, this documentary explores the hopes of patients and their families facing terminal illness and their relationships with the physicians who treat them.
This class will be an introduction to Belly Dance (Middle Eastern Folk Dance) and will include a brief history. Belly dancing is an activity and an exercise class; muscle tone and flexibility will be improved.
Modern Board Gaming has come a long way since the days of Monopoly, Life, and Candy Land. There are multitudes of different board games and game types available for all kinds of people. In this class, we will explore the different types of Modern Board games, where to find them locally and on-line, and how to play.
Buddhism, one of the world's great religions, was founded in India 2,500 years ago. As Buddhism has spread and developed, it has taken on a different form influenced by diverse cultures but remains fundamentally the same. Dr. Robert Bunger will discuss the Buddhist personal spiritual path, saints and male and female Buddhas as inspirations.
This program will address some of the current issues related to the provision of compassionate and appropriate care for people at or near the end of life.
Yoga has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve balance, reduce stress and depression, and increase muscle strength. In this course of yoga practice we will begin each session with a warm up, a series of poses designed to be gentle but effective, and end with relaxation.
UNC CSI offers programing on the research and education campus to continue the education of those lifelong learners.
Join us as we explore artifacts relevant to the practice of medicine between the late 18th century and the first half of the 20th century. The Country Doctor Museum is the oldest museum in the United States dedicated to the history of America's rural health care.
Let's discover from whence we came. Have you ever wondered about your family history? Join us as we explore genealogy research at the State Library of North Carolina's Genealogy Research Center. The trip will include a one hour how-to-do genealogy research presentation conducted by a genealogy research expert. We will then break for lunch and then return to the library for a couple more hours of research time. Come let's explore our roots!
"In this Century the world seems to be very small and people can reach each other in a matter of minutes but at the same time culturally they are very far away. In order to live in harmony and peace with each other, we should know each other's culture and their way of life. We should know about our differences, and similarities, our life values, family life and whatever is important and significant to each culture. For this purpose, we chose representatives of eight cultures (Afghanistan, Bosnia, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, India, Pakistan and Sudan) to come and talk about their cultures and the participants will ask questions. "
Join us as we tour the ECU School of Dental Medicine, the second Dental School in the UNC System. Along this 1 hour tour, we will not only see the working and clinic space, but will also be provided with information on the services offered by the school, and types of payments accepted at the Dental Clinics operated by the School of Dental Medicine.
Based on the New York Times #1 international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this session is designed to help individuals become more effective in their personal and professional lives. Living the "7 Habits" allows people to build stronger personal and professional relationships and to broaden their way of thinking.
Over 1.3 billion people use social media to stay connected with family and friends. You may be surprised to find that 45% of all seniors ages 65 and up are actively using Facebook to stay in the loop. This course will take you through the basics of Facebook including:
  • - Brief introduction to social media;
  • - What are they?
  • - What do they do?
  • - Why would you want to use them?
  • - Introduction to Facebook;
  • - How to start
  • - Setting up profiles safely
  • - Updating your status
  • - Adding photos/videos
  • - Searching for friends
  • - Interacting with friends ("Likes, Comments and Messages")
Please come prepared with an active email address that you have access to (one email address per person). This will be used in the creation of your personal Facebook account.

Although an hour drive from Greenville to the Aurora Fossil Museum you will travel 28 million years back in time. George Powell is a local amateur paleontologist, and will be leading this trip. On this trip, you will see fossil remains of creatures that lived in Eastern North Carolina including: whales, walrus, seals, sharks, stingrays, and fish.
This class is a 4-week series.

"Foundations of Investing" - Foundations of Investing is for people who are new to investing or need a refresher. Participants will learn the importance of developing a strategy, the impact of asset allocation, and the influence of inflation on your long-term goals.

"Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts" - Stocks may play a major role as investors try to reach their long-term financial goals. This presentation shares basic information to help investors evaluate how this type of investment may fit into an overall strategy. We will discuss common versus preferred stock, dividends, investment strategies, and different ways to own stock.

"An Investor's Tour of Mutual Funds" -This class will be a step-by-step guide to mutual funds. It is designed to provide a detailed look at the features, benefits, and risks associated with this type of investment, as well as a map to mutual fund selection.

"Tax Free Investing: It's Not What You Make, It's What You Keep!" -in this session, we will discuss the benefits and considerations of choosing investments that offer tax advantages. Participants will learn about tax-advantaged investments and their features, tax-free investment returns versus taxable investment returns, the three ways to purchase municipal bonds, and how tax-free investing can help you achieve your goals faster.

Most of us know that shopping is changing from a visit to the local retailer to the mysteries of on-line purchasing. This class will help you become more comfortable with purchasing merchandise you can't touch and see. We will look at on-line retail security, customizing the shopping experience, pros and cons of purchasing on-line, managing accounts at on-line retailers, and delivery/return of merchandise. While every retailer can't be covered, we will look at the major one's including,, and others that you suggest. You will not be creating accounts to purchase anything-this is just an information session.
No one wants to think about dying, but it's going to happen to all of us one day. You have the power to make your own decisions about your future health care, including end of life care, now. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. Let's get started together.

Session # 1 -Educational Presentation and discussion to help individuals with Advance Care Planning. The purpose of this session is not about completing a form, but answering questions and helping individuals be comfortable with their decisions. This discussion will include Advance Directives, Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Wills, DNR and MOST forms of doctor orders.

Session #2 - Discussion and Document Completion for session attendees. NOTARY and witnesses services will be available at no charge to assist those who are interested in completing documents. Photo ID is required for the completion of documents.

Participation can be for one session or both sessions.

This course offered by Wilkerson Funeral Home will address your funeral or memorial pre-planning needs including cremation options and directives, pre-paid funeral contracts and medicaid qualifications as it relates to preneed funeral contracts.
We will be knitting a pair of lightweight wool socks with two size circular needles. You need to know how to knit and how to purl. Every class is important since we build on the lesson taught the week before. Do count on doing knitting outside of class so you will be ready for the next lesson. Teachers help outside of class is available by appointment.
East Carolina University's Health Science Library is offering a course "Healthier U." This one hour session is appropriate for individuals desiring more information about consumer health, quality websites to visit and information to be used in their daily life.
This program is a collaborative effort between the Lifelong Learning Program and the Pitt County Historical Society. Those who are paid members of either program will not pay a fee for this event. However, your lunch cost is your own. The topic is "JFK Visits ECU in 1960" and the speaker is John Tucker an ECU History Professor.
We will explore and discuss the history and methods of soap making. Our class project will be to make a batch of unscented lye soap. On the second day, each participant will have a sample of soap to take home. Please wear long sleeves, long pants, and closed shoes. If you have goggles, please bring them. Soap making, like many skills, is fast becoming a dying art. This course is designed to help preserve it as part of our heritage.
In this course, we will explore the basic features of the iPad: the home screen, dock, applications, opening and closing apps, rearranging and deleting apps, the multi-tasking bar, settings and a few other features. We'll even cover a few tips and tricks: hidden special characters, adding PDF's to your iPad, controlling notifications, and more.
The moderator will introduce various topics after which the floor will be open for discussion by all participants. Everyone is encouraged to seek supporting data in order to remain as objective as possible. Reading multiple sources on each subject will give everyone a broader view of the issues. Some topics may carry over from month to month. Share your ideas and learn from the opinions of others.
This group meets once per month for lunch or dinner at a local establishment. It is a great way to try new restaurants and meet new people. By registering, you will be put on the interest mailing list for the group. You will be contacted by the coordinator for the group. Meeting days and times will vary from month to month.

Note: While it is free to attend, the cost of the meal is your own.

Put your stories into words and share your life experiences with other class members. What you remember will no doubt trigger memories in others. Write a different story for each session and read it to the class for their feedback.
Book group members are often women, but here's a group FOR MEN, though women are welcome. The focus is on non-fiction books of history and historical figures. Members will choose and discuss a different book every month. You will get the chance to make new friends and discuss interesting and stimulating topics.

Reading Material: "First Over There: The attack on Cantigny. America's first battle in World War I" by Matthew J. Davenport.

The people that work with TED Talks believe passionately that ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. TED Talks is a website that lives by their slogan "Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world". We will discuss a new topic each month. Topics will include - the art of debate, protecting our oceans, sustainability, illusion of skin color, how things work, nature, inventions, and climate change. We will utilize TED Talks to listen to a speaker and then discuss the topic at hand.
Have you ever read a book and longed to have someone to talk to about it? Well, here is your chance to do just that! Join this Women's Book Group, choose what you want to read, and come together to discuss a different book each month.
This course in elegant writing will be both fun and entertaining to the participants. The student will be able to "draw" lower case letters using calligraphy techniques. Students will be given a brief overview of upper case letters and will be able to combine some cursive and manuscript lettering to create beautiful place cards, invitations and thank you notes. Calligraphy can also be used to complete certificates, diplomas, posters and various projects.
This is a basic class on Window Operation System equipped computers . You will become familiarized with Windows 10 and more comfortable using your computer. We will discuss different types of computers, how to buy computers, what type of computer you may need/want, and how to take care of your computer. Among the things discuss will be email, social media, file management, and getting on the WWW. This class will be a great opportunity to learn to be 'friends' with your computer.

Note: You will need to have Windows 10 uploaded on your laptop before coming to the first session.

It can be confusing to know when and how to invest. As a result, you may be tempted to hesitate, fearing you'll make a mistake or choose the wrong time to invest. This presentation is an expanded look at the "how" of creating an investing strategy as well as the investment components that form your financial picture.
Learn how to preserve your photographs, scrapbooks, albums, and framed art with an archivist. In this session, we will discuss best practices for storing your memories, share conservation tips, reveal products that will help your mementos last, and discuss the impact of environment on various material types. There will also be an opportunity to see demonstrations of common salvage techniques. The workshop session will be followed by a Q&A and also provide the opportunity for attendees to bring their own materials in for review.
This course is a study of the historic ending of the city of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam conflict. Join in the discussion of the North Vietnamese Army capturing Hue and Dan Ang, then heading south to surround and eventually capturing Saigon.
People want to be healthy and happy. Instead they are stressed out, depressed, and feel isolated. Do you want to bring more joy and laughter into your life? Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea - simple and profound. An exercise routine that is sweeping the world and is a complete well-being workout.
The Lifelong Learning program is excited to once again host its bi-annual kickoff where attendees will have the chance to meet Lifelong Learning Instructors, Office of Continuing Studies Staff, partnering programs and many more. The catalog will be available for pickup, and attendees will have the opportunity to register for upcoming courses, special events and trips. Refreshments will be available. Seating is limited, so please register in advance.
This is the membership fee for the 2016-2017 year.

September 1, 2016 to September 1, 2017 (69 seats (12%) remaining)

A Matter of Balance is an 8-week structured group intervention that emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels. Participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable, set realistic goals to increase activity, change their environment to reduce fall risk factors, and exercise to increase strength and balance (
Students will be given step by step instructions on each class session, building up to their finished product at the end of the course. The thrill of this course is not knowing what you are knitting!
Join us for a special showing of COMPANY at the Magnolia Arts Theater. Before the show we will talk with the director, and after the show there will be a question and answer session with the actors.
This two hour presentation will increase understanding about Alzheimer's disease in order to advance awareness of the disease and provide greater understanding of the differences between normal and not normal aging. We will start with a brief introduction to Alzheimer's disease including symptoms and effects on the brain. We will further discuss changes in cognitive functioning, memory, ability to function independently, and make sound decisions that are normal versus those changes that are not considered normal; when to see a doctor based on changes; reversible causes of changes in the brain; practices that help to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Lastly, there will be information about resources in the community that are available to support caregiver who are caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.
We all see the TV ads for the latest 3G and 4G personal technology devices. But what are they, what can they do, and do I need one? Do I need a digital camera, a video recorder, and a laptop, or can a smart phone do it all for me? Do I need an e-reader if I have a laptop? Since laptops are so big and heavy, can I just get a Netbook instead? These questions will be addressed during this two-hour discussion.
The course is designed to give you background on immunology and study two diseases that had great impacts on society: Black Plague and influenza. The Black Plague dramatically reduced the world population and retarded the intellectual and cultural development during the Middle Ages. Influenza, identified during the First World War, continues to the present time. How might these diseases provide insight into other emerging diseases such as SARS and Zika?
The QAR Conservation Lab in Greenville, N.C. has opened its doors for exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of the exciting work being done at our facility! We conserve, document, and investigate the artifacts recovered from the shipwreck identified as the pirate Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge.
There are no costumes, makeup, special lighting, or movement. For the audience it is like listening to a story on the radio. Like radio drama, much is left to the listener's imagination. Some call Readers' Theater, "theater of the mind."

The Medical Readers' Theater program is sponsored by the Department of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies at ECU's Brody School of Medicine, the ECU College of Nursing, College of Allied Health Sciences Department of Physician Assistant Studies, and the Department of Student Involvement & Leadership. Performances are short plays or short stories that focus on timely medical issues. Following each performance, an ECU faculty coordinator moderates a discussion between the cast and the audience. This discussion provides an arena for examining personal values and assumptions relating to ethical and social issues in medicine.

RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD-AND OUR CITYRegardless of one's view of the validity of any religion or religion in general, in an era of increasing globalization, it is imperative-for reasons of cultural understanding, business and economic success, conflict resolution, and others-to have an accurate understanding of the major faiths that impact people and societies around the world and, indeed, in our city. We'll look at some of the basic teachings of several major world religions and give some attention to comparing and contrasting their religious ideas.
A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is the new retirement tool. Also known as a "Reverse Mortgage,'' it is a FHA-insured mortgage option for persons age 62 and older. Property must be the primary residence and meet FHA property guidelines. As with any mortgage, you hold title to the property. Borrower's must meet HUD's credit and income guidelines.All borrowers must be able to keep property taxes, homeowners insurance, HOA fees/maintenance (if applicable) current.
It is important for everyone becoming eligible for Medicare to obtain accurate information for coverage and delivery options, supplemental health insurance, Medicare health plans, and prescription drug coverage. Attention to these issues will help you avoid serious costly problems. This workshop will help you map your journey to Medicare, highlighting roadblocks and warning signs along the way.
In this course we will discuss some of symptoms associated with gluten sensitivities, why you may have gluten sensitivities, and offer alternatives to cooking with gluten free products. In this course will will also bake Gluten Free Banana Bread for the class to sample.
This course is a brief overview of the evolutionary history of the universe. It is meant to introduce participants to information available today that was not readily available to our generation during our school-age years. It is information our grandchildren are learning in their biology, geology, astronomy, and anthropology classes.
Do you have technology questions, computer questions and don't have someone to ask? Do you need classes that are not being offered to LLP members? Let's get together for a big discussion and see how many questions we can answer. What's available, what's does all these technologies mean; Bluetooth, cloud, voice, social media, and more. A.S.K. come ask your questions.
The people that work with TED Talks believe passionately that ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. TED Talks is a website that lives by their slogan "Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world".
Create an indoor container garden for your home or office. Participants may create either a terrarium or fairy garden or a combination, in an open or closed container.
"Tin Pan Alley" is the familiar name for the American popular music industry. It was so called because the New York music-publishing houses, on 28th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, were filled with pianist demonstrating new songs to customers, and, with the windows open, it sounded like "beating on tin pans."
This course provides an introduction to the religion of Islam in historic and contemporary perspectives. Participants will learn the basic terms of Islamic jurisprudence, leading them to an understanding of Islam and the beliefs and practices of Muslims. Course topics include: reasons for understanding Islam, the life and ministry of Muhammad, the Qur'an, the central beliefs and principal practices, status of women in Islam, Muslim community in history, Muslim personal and communal life, and diversity in Islam.
This course will focus on the print and microform resources available in the collection, including genealogies, local histories, county records, census materials, colonial and state records, newspapers, biographical resources, military records and church histories.