This workshop will introduce students to free quality consumer health resources that are available online and easily accessible through mobile devices. The course will include online in-class activities.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022, Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
This class will discuss Creek author and U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo's collection, An American Sunrise. We will read poems from Harjo's book together, and then we will discuss themes such as Creek cultural traditions and the history of Indian Removal in the Southeast, as well as Harjo's position as the first Native American Poet Laureate of the United States. ECU will host Joy Harjo on March 30, 2022, for reading, so this class will allow attendees to consider her work in advance of her visit. Copies of An American Sunrise will be provided to registrants through ECU's National Endowment for the Arts Big Read grant:

Thursday, March 10, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
During this 1 hour session the instructors will actively discuss the importance of body awareness and how to use specific movements to aid in the journey to become healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Thursday, March 24, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
Buddhism, one of the great religions and faith traditions of humankind. Founded in India about 2500 years ago by Siddhartha Gautama, it spread through East and Southeast Asia and more recently to Europe and North America. As Buddhism has spread and developed, it has taken on a different form influenced by diverse cultures but remains fundamentally the same. Dr. Bunger will discuss the Buddhist personal spiritual path, especially the use of Buddhist saints and male and female Buddhas as inspirations and archetypes of models of the enlightened mind.

March 8-15, 2022, Willis Building Conference Room
This workshop will introduce participants to the Community Resiliency Model (CRM)®. CRM is a biological-based model of intervention based on emerging neuroscience that is easily accessible, affordable, and adaptable to all audiences. Applying CRM proactively with a community that is chronically stressed can alleviate symptoms of chronic stress placing the community and its members in a better position to increase their resiliency. There is substantial and growing evidence for the efficacy of CRM in reducing anxiety, depression, and somatic symptoms. Come ready to learn wellness skills to reset the natural balance of the nervous system to bring a sense of calm to the mind, body, and spirit.

Friday, February 11, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
Join us for a chance to experience the 200-year old history, heritage, and ongoing tradition of pottery making in Seagrove, North Carolina! Nestled in the countryside of NC you will find the largest concentration of working potters in the United States. This day-long trip will start with a visit to the dynamic and engaging North Carolina Pottery Center where we will learn about the history of Seagrove, followed by lunch (lunch is not included in the trip cost). After lunch we will make exclusive visits to popular Seagrove Potters' studios. All stops are designed to show the broad range of pottery produced in Seagrove, from traditional to contemporary and from practical to whimsical. This day trip will include a full itinerary from 7am-7pm, bus transportation included! You'll be glad you came and we know you'll want to go back! "If North America has a 'pottery state' it must be North Carolina. . . . There is probably no other state with such a highly developed pottery-consciousness." -Wood-Fired Stoneware and Porcelain, Pennsylvania potter Jack Troy

Friday, April 29, 2022, Meet in Willis Building Parking Lot
Lifelong Learning members may access ECU library resources through your One Card membership benefit. Join us for a tour of Joyner Library, one of our three ECU libraries. During this tour you will see the art exhibit in the Janice Hardison Faulkner Gallery, learn more about Joyner, the music library, and Laupus Health Sciences Library in a relaxed setting. Next you'll learn how to access the North Carolina collection, local history, and genealogy resources. Parking will be on your own in the parking garage which is $1 per hour to park. Parking will be available in the parking garage (the participant cost is $1 per hour to park).

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This program will feature the movie: The Father, followed by a moderated discussion addressing questions related to the story, caregiver and, sharing experiences.

Friday, April 1, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
Foundations of Investing is an educational program for individuals who want an overview of investing, including key terms and investment types. This course will cover the basic features of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and the importance of asset allocation.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
This course will address and identify health issues that may affect people, and what can be done to improve one's health. The course will cover how health issues can be gender-specific, how age, body type, diet, and race can impact one's health, and how low-impact exercise, positive thinking, and relaxing activities can improve a person's health. Before the class, the instructor will prepare a survey for participants to complete so that particular issues may also be addressed. Class participants, can be placed on a list to receive health information periodically and will be provided information on national organizations that support health improvement ideas and actions, and form an accountability group that will provide support to each other as we move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Monday, March 28, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
At any age, there are lifestyle habits we can adopt to help maintain or even potentially improve our health. These habits may also help to keep our brains healthy as we age and possibly delay the onset of cognitive decline.

Friday, April 22, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
Come and join us to learn about the redevelopment history of Downtown Greenville! This program summarizes the redevelopment activities in Greenville's Downtown from 1962-today and demonstrates connective threads to the new ECU Research and Innovation Campus network. Participants will leave with an increased knowledge of the history, processes, challenges, and future of Greenville's Uptown areas.

Monday, February 7, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
This course will explore and discuss the history of soap making and the four methods of completing this task. This is a two-day course. On the first day, we will make a batch of unscented lye soap. The batch will require overnight curing to harden properly. On day two, students will complete the soap-making process and leave with their finished product. Please wear long sleeves and closed-toe shoes.

February 16-17, 2022, Willis Building Conference Room
With a growing number of internet-connected devices in our homes, WIFI is a vital piece of technology that keeps us connected. In this course, we will go over how the internet in your home works, the differences between providers, how to get a better connection, and, best of all, hidden ways to save money that your internet provider doesn't want you to know. Once finished, we will leave some time for a brief question and answering session on any tech-related questions. We are excited to pass this information along and hope to see you!

Friday, March 18, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
Learn about Hurricanes and their impacts on Eastern North Carolina from a National Weather Service meteorologist! The course will discuss a brief history of hurricanes in our area, why you should never just focus on just the category of the storm, what the hurricane path track means, and the various impacts tropical cyclones can bring. We will also cover the hurricane outlook for the year while emphasizing that it only takes one storm to make an impact on your life! Any questions you may have will be discussed at the end of the class.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022, To Be Determined
Join us for great conversations about the 18 stories collected in Immigrant Voices highlighting the complex relationships of immigrants in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century with their families, friends, new surroundings, and home countries. The authors themselves have made many of the same kinds of transitions as the characters they portray, and they offer fresh perspectives on the immigrant experience. Coedited by award-winning author Achy Obejas and cultural studies scholar Megan Bayles, this anthology addresses the perennial questions about society and the individual that the authors of the great books have pondered for centuries.

March 24, 2022 to April 7, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
This course will provide participants with introductory information on Climate Change. It will address the science, impacts, and the potential solutions. Climate change is happening now. There are impacts that are regional, national, and global. For example, in coastal and/or in land areas prone to occasional flooding, these events are more common now. In areas that are in the pathway of hurricanes and tornadoes, these events are happening more frequently and of higher intensity. Wildfires and drought are happening in particular areas more now. Animal and plant species are threatened worldwide. The course will outline who and/or what is most impacted, as well as what governments are doing successfully and where there should be improvements in addressing the impacts. It will also outline what we all can do to help reduce climate change.

March 4-11, 2022, Willis Building Conference Room
Explore the many benefits of participating in the Senior Games program beginning with Local Games, then on to State and National competition. With over twenty-five sports and recreation events and SilverArts; Senior Games is a year-round health promotion and wellness education program for adults 50 years of age and better. From badminton to bowling, to pickleball and the FunWalk, there is something for everyone.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
All music has the following six components: rhythm, melody, harmony, expression, form, and tone color. This introductory course will explain how these combine to create the music that we love to experience. Our time together may spawn ideas of future classes where these can be more deeply explored and built upon, including but not limited to music history and learning to play instruments such as recorders and drums.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
We will share a few comments about what you eat and drink that could hurt or help the memory - including dietary supplements. We will describe the evidence-based MIND eating approach (a combination of DASH and Mediterranean) and why we think following the MIND might help if you are concerned about memory loss, heart disease or inflammation. We will help you know how to change your diet to follow the MIND. The closer you follow the plan, the greater the benefit. It's great for those who just want to stay healthy as they age. The second hour will be informal discussion with Q&A. We will help you set a SMART goal and answer your questions. You will take home a colorful handout showing the MIND plate. Lunch will be provided.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
One lesson learned from the pandemic is that we need to engage with others and socialize within our community! Community mobility is critical for our quality of life and independence. In eastern North Carolina, that typically means getting around by personal vehicle. While research clearly shows that older drivers are generally safe drivers, the crash statistics do show that fatalities and serious injuries do increase after 75 years of age. The issue is that it is not age, but functional abilities that determines fitness to drive. Thus, just as we plan for changes in our homes and lifestyles, we may need to plan for changes in our driving options. This session will discuss strategies to: 1) prolong your driving lifespan, 2) use technology to promote driver safety, 3) plan for maintaining autonomy, 3) and determine when it is time to begin a transition to being a passenger. This lunch and learn will highlight options to keep you in the driver's seat, even if you are not the one driving!

Thursday, April 28, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
Learn about the start-up of the Afghanistan war - its people and the programs from a woman's perspective involved in humanitarian assistance. Learn of the personal and professional stresses involved in living and working in a war zone. Follow the personal journey of this North Carolina author in providing lifesaving assistance to vulnerable Afghan civilians caught in war. Reading the book before class is recommended but not a requirement for participation in the class.

April 11-18, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
This course is designated as one of our members only courses. If you are interested in attending this course, please be sure to add a Lifelong Learning Membership to your cart as well as this course.

This interest group meets every other week and each time we meet, we will read and discuss your story.

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Mosaic Glass Art is the decorative art of making pictures and patterns by inlaying small pieces of variously colored material to form pictures or patterns. Join Mark on Saturday to create a special take home project you can share with friends and family.

January 29, 2022 to February 5, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
Regardless of one's view of the validity of any religion or religion in general, in an era of increasing globalization, it is imperative-for reasons of cultural understanding, business and economic success, conflict resolution, and others-to have an accurate understanding of the major faiths that impact people and societies around the world and, indeed, in our city. We'll look at some of the basic teachings of several major world religions and give some attention to comparing and contrasting their religious ideas.

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How do we financially prepare for retirement? How do we develop an understanding for how much money needed at retirement? This webinar will discuss the sources that will replace your income and teach you to understand the tax advantages of contributing Roth and pre-tax, your investment options, and market volatility. Learn about the financial possibilities you have to prepare you for retirement!

March 2-16, 2022, Online Class, ECU
Capture your priceless moments. This workshop will focus on Smartphone photography, understanding composition, editing, saving, and sharing your priceless memories using one of our most accessible tools.

April 8-14, 2022, Willis Building Conference Room
This group is designated as one of our members only groups. If you are interested in joining this group, please be sure to add a Lifelong Learning Membership to your cart as well as this course.

Have you ever read a book and longed to have someone to talk to about it? Well, here is your chance to do just that! Join this Women's Book Group! Being part of the group gives members the opportunity to make new friends and expand the scope of your reading.

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We will discuss what elements each of us needs to consider with our estate planning at various stages of our life, as well as what documents we need, what each document should accomplish, and smart ways to save time, money, and stress in the process. This class will focus on factors to consider in deciding what documents you may need and how best to preserve and promote the wishes and assets of your estate.

Thursday, March 17, 2022, Willis Building Conference Room
Learn about the religion of Islam from historic and contemporary perspectives. Participants will learn the basic terms of Islamic jurisprudence, leading them to an understanding of Islam and the beliefs and practices of Muslims.

March 22, 2022 to April 12, 2022, Willis Building Auditorium
This course will describe and provide an overview of the strategies used in voting and elections in North Carolina to prevent voting fraud.

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