If you want to write your memoirs and don't know where to start, this class is a good place to begin. We will provide ideas and tips to get you started writing stories.
Beginning Origami (the art of Japanese paper folding) is for students with little or no experience. The first class will start with a brief history of this craft. Students will learn basic folding techniques, how to read diagrams, and follow (printed, verbal, and visual) instructions. There will be four sessions. The first week will be focused on basic skills needed to make simple folded paper objects. Each consecutive week will involve learning more challenging skills needed to make more complex products. Students will make a minimum of two origami objects per class, more if time allows. Solid color origami paper (7"x7") will be provided. Students may purchase fancier paper if desired. 7"x7"or larger origami paper is required. Mrs. Brooks taught art in the public schools for 30 years, and taught origami to numerous classes. She also taught origami to adult students in her home studio. This craft was always a favorite.
This class will be an introduction to Belly Dance (Middle Eastern Folk Dance) and will include a brief history. Belly dancing is an activity and an exercise class; muscle tone and flexibility will be improved.
Writing creative non-fiction can be challenging. The word creative suggests a stretching of the truth or making an event even truer than originally thought or expressed.
We will explore and discuss the history and methods of soap making. Our class project will be to make a batch of unscented lye soap. On the second day, each participant will have a sample of soap to take home. Please wear long sleeves, long pants, and closed shoes. If you have goggles, please bring them. Soap making, like many skills, is fast becoming a dying art. This course is designed to help preserve it as part of our heritage.
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Put your stories into words and share your life experiences with other class members. What you remember will no doubt trigger memories in others. Write a different story for each session and read it to the class for their feedback.

In this workshop we will explore how to use up the scraps left over from other sewing jobs. Bring your sewing machine, iron, scissors, rotary cutter, mat, and of course, your scraps.