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Join us as we experience the food, culture, and dance of India at Cinnamon's Restaurant, one of Greenville's own authentic Indian Restaurants. What a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with great people and great food!
This class will examine the Allied and Axis preparations for battle, the Panzer attacks at Deir el Shein with the Eighth Army defenses, the XXX Corps directive to capture Tel el Eisa with the resulting outcomes, and the First Battle of Ruweisat Ridge with New Zealand brigades breaking through minefields to strike elements of the 15th Panzer Division.
Although an hour drive from Greenville to the Aurora Fossil Museum you will travel 28 million years back in time. George Powell is a local amateur paleontologist, and will be leading this trip. On this trip, you will see fossil remains of creatures that lived in Eastern North Carolina including: whales, walrus, seals, sharks, stingrays, and fish.
The Program consists of a series of lectures by academic and professional experts on topics of global significance, over eight consecutive weeks.

The Great Decisions Program is the oldest and largest grassroots world affairs educational program of its kind in the country.

Book group members are often women, but here's a group FOR MEN, though women are welcome. The focus is on non-fiction books of history and historical figures. Members will choose and discuss a different book every month. You will get the chance to make new friends and discuss interesting and stimulating topics.
This is the story of the 1983 United States led invasion of the Caribbean Island of Grenada. A former part of the United Kingdom that had gained independence in 1974 found itself under the control of the lost New Jewel Movement in 1979 with the murder of revolutionary Prime Minister Manrico Bishop in October 1983.
Explore the annual cycle of Jewish holidays, with our only local Rabbi, at our only local Synagogue. Hear and experience rituals of Rosh Hashanah; Yom Kippur; Sukkot; Hanukah; Tu BiSh'vat; Purim; Passover; Shavuot, and such recently added holidays as Holocaust Commemoration Day and Israel Independence Day. Learn insights. Gain emotional and spiritual benefits of holiday rituals and history. Ask all the questions you have about any Jewish subject.
This American folk instrument, which was born in the Appalachian Mountains in the early 1800's, can be played "by numbers," by the most experienced musician or someone with little to no musical background. The instrument sits on your lap and only has 3 or 4 strings (this is not a hammered dulcimer). While many people have purchased this instrument in their travels through the mountains, many do not have the resources to learn to play. This is your opportunity to get out and see what it sounds like.
Military medicine dates to antiquity and for centuries has dealt with the attempts to provide care to large numbers of wounded and ill soldiers and civilians in urban, rural, and remote environments. This course will discuss in brief some aspects of military medicine from the Napoleonic period and the American Civil War through recent Middle East wars.
Military medicine dates to antiquity and for centuries has dealt with the attempts to provide care to large numbers of wounded and ill soldiers and civilians in urban, rural and remote environments. This course will discuss in brief some aspects of military medicine from the Napoleonic period and American Civil War to the recent Middle East wars.

This interactive multimedia exhibit will commemorate the centennial of US entry into World War I and focus on North Carolina's role in the War to End All Wars on the western front in France and Belgium.
Somerset Plantation

Somerset Place is a state historic site offering a comprehensive and realistic view of 19th-century life on a large North Carolina plantation.

This class is designed to discuss the prophets of God and why God sent many prophets and Messengers. In the Holy Book Qur'an, God mentioned twenty five messengers, and five of strong will. These five are Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (PBUH). In this class, we will review the life and mission of these five Prophets based on the Qur'anic stories.
This course will be a one-time lecture/image presentation on the history and development of Tansu, Japan's antique cabinetry tradition. Tansu embodies Japanese aesthetics and design, and is of interest to a wide general audience, including woodworkers and designers. These cabinets reflect the efforts of three craftsmen and were used by the merchant, samurai and farmer. They encompass some unique designs, such as the step-chest, a combination of stairs and storage. Tansu represents a furniture tradition not unlike our own colonial cabinetry, and highlight the cultural, political, and economic forces at play in 17th, 18th, and 19th century Japan. Examples of Japanese cabinetry will be on hand, and a discussion of design, construction, and restoration will follow.
The earliest examples of biowarfare. When Europeans invaded the Western Hemisphere, they brought with them far more than gunpowder; Small Pox, Measles and Mumps were also introduced. These three diseases killed more Native Americans than any of the invading forces and ultimately determined the conquest of the Americas. The use of these agents continued right up to modern times and still represent a major concern to health care workers and the military.
Using the journalist's basic approach to reporting news articles (whom, what, where, when, how, and why), plus interactive Q and A classroom discussion, we will analyze the Declaration of Independence from a historical and philosophical (logical) point of view to understand exactly what the document says and how it says it.
For many years North Carolina played a secondary role in presidential politics. That changed dramatically in 2008 when Democrat Obama narrowly won the state's electoral votes. Trump carried the state in 2016,but few states received more attention from the candidates and the media. If the state turned purple in presidential politics, Republicans achieved unprecedented gains in state politics, notably on the legislative level. And statewide elections were as competitive as could be. We will look at the reasons for these trends and the connections between national and state politics. Class will also look at factors unique to North Carolina. And we will compare the quality of current leadership to that of earlier times.Finally, where are we headed as a state and country.
One hundred and fifty years after the war, new historical sources continue to emerge, and new events prompt us to see the past from new perspectives. Whether you are new to Civil War history or have studied it for many years, this course will offer fresh insights into the events of 1861-1865.
Who put the Pinta on the Santa Maria? There are many controversies regarding the origin of syphilis, or the Great Pox, and its' impact on history. During this session we will examine the effects of syphilis on humans, discuss whether the disease came from the Western Hemisphere or was already in Europe, and we will examine major historic figures who probably had syphilis. Today syphilis is again becoming a major health issue as antibiotic resistant strains emerge.