Course Description: Conversational Spanish I

Conversational Spanish I is for the true beginner or novice, with little or no Spanish language instruction. Students will learn the Spanish alphabet, basic grammar construction, and vocabulary, to help provide a foundation for conversational skills in practical situations. By the end of the class, students will be able to introduce themselves and talk about their family and weekly activities using ser, tener, estar, and other common verbs, as well as ask simple questions to discover information. Class time focuses on listening and speaking skills through a variety of activities. Homework will develop reading and writing skills. Course will be taught in both English and Spanish to better support the new learner's comprehension. Instructors will strive to move to a full immersion experience by the end of the session. A textbook is required for this course. You can view this information in the "Additional Course Information" section of the online course listing or on your e-mail Confirmation Letter sent after registration.
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Course Resources
Conversational Spanish Self-Placement Tool
How to order a textbook online from the COCC Bookstore. (PDF Document)

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