Course detail: AERO5090 - History of Airplane Design-2018 #5: Ilyushin, MIG, Bloch, Dassault, Breguet and Fouga
The KU Aerospace Short Course Program is proud to collaborate with Dr. Jan Roskam, Ackers Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering, University of Kansas and founder of the Aerospace Short Course Program to present the History of Airplane Design webinar series. The 2018 webinar series includes five individual webinars, each focusing on specific companies and their contributions to the commercial, military and transport aircraft industries. During each webinar, Dr. Roskam provides interesting facts and historical details on a wide variety of airplane development programs, industry innovations, successes and failures. This is your opportunity to learn from a legend in aircraft design how some of today's best known companies got started, persevered or went bankrupt, merged or made it on their own.

Each webinar is presented live, and will not be available for viewing following the live presentation. Registration for each live webinar is $50 per person.

From the most produced military airplane (ever), to a glider manufacturer who ended up developing a very successful series of jet trainers, this webinar delves into two Russian and four French aircraft manufacturing companies -highlighting their innovations, successes and failures.

  • Ilyushin built the most produced military airplane (ever), the Shturmovik of WWII. After the war, they developed a long line of military and commercial transports, with the IL-76 (comparable to the Boeing C-17) being the best known.
  • MIG (stands for Mikoyan and Gurevich) developed a long line of fighters. The MIG-15 of Vietnam War fame, the mass-produced MIG-21 and the well-known MIG-29 (the USAF also bought 21 of these) will be discussed.
  • Find out how Marcel Bloch became Marcel Dassault and how his company built a long line of fighters and business jets.
  • Learn how Breguet developed the double-deck Deux-Ponts civil transport, the Alize carrier-based attack airplane, the Atlantique anti-submarine airplane and the innovative, but unsuccessful Model 941 STL transport.
  • Finally, find out how a glider manufacturer, Fouga, ended up developing the very successful Magister series of jet trainers.

 Session Detail:  PA19640W
Schedule: Every day, starting on 11/14/18 and ending on 11/14/18
Times: 11:00am - 12:00pm

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Jan Roskam
Jan Roskam
Ackers Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Kansas
Biography: Dr. Jan Roskam is the Ackers Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas. His university honors include the 2003 Chancellors Club Career Teaching Award, and he is a five-time winner of Aerospace Engineering Educator of the Year, selected by graduating seniors. In October, 2007 Roskam received the prestigious AIAA Aircraft Design Award for Lifetime Achievement in airplane design, airplane design education, configuration design and flight dynamics education. In May, 2016 he received the University of Kansas School of Engineering "Distinguished Engineering Service Award." The author of 15 textbooks, Roskam has industrial experience with three major aircraft companies and has been actively involved in the design and development of more than 50 aircraft programs. He is a Fellow of AIAA, the Royal Aeronautical Society, and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Roskam received an M.S. in aeronautical engineering from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, and a Ph.D. in aeronautics and astronautics from the University of Washington.

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