Course detail: OSH134 - The American Revolution: A New Idea, a New Nation
In 1775, gunfire broke out on a village green in Massachusetts. The skirmish was preceded by years of friction between Britain and its discontented American colonies. A new idea was taking hold, an idea that turned centuries of hierarchy upside down. Were people destined to be ruled by kings? Or, were people capable of choosing their own leaders? Subjects or citizens? The notion of a republic had been entirely discredited in Europe, but in the new land of America, people were enthused by the prospects. This course addresses the causes, the personages, the combat, and the diplomacy that launched an embryonic state on a path of greatness. PLEASE NOTE: THE DATES FOR THIS COURSE DIFFER FROM THE DATES PUBLISHED IN THE SUMMER CATALOG!

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Schedule: Every week on Monday, starting on 07/02/18 and ending on 07/16/18
Times: 02:00pm - 04:00pm
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Richard Barbuto
Richard Barbuto
Biography: Richard V. Barbuto is Deputy Director of the Department of Military History at Fort Leavenworth. He lectures nationally on the War of 1812. No image available

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