Course detail: OSH120 - Writing Your Ethical Will
You have accumulated wealth-wealth of knowledge, experience, and values. To whom will you leave these precious possessions? Consider writing an ethical will. Unlike a traditional will that bequeaths material things, an ethical will passes on the ethics and life lessons of a family elder-YOU. Our exercises and discussion will help you discern the life experiences that shaped your values. Unlike the bequest of heirloom china or a CD, your ethical will reflects who you are as a person. It will give your loved ones a document to treasure and a reminder of how your values guided and shaped a family.

 Session Detail:  OC18313F
Schedule: Every week on Wednesday, starting on 07/11/18 and ending on 07/25/18
Times: 02:00pm - 04:00pm
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Judith Galas
Judith Galas
Biography: Writer Judith Galas has taught an array of students, business professionals and adults learning just for the fun of it. Her most recent book, Living the Ancient Psalms: Messages for Modern Life, explores the modern links we have to the desert poetry of our Hebrew ancestors. No image available

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St Andrews Classroom
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