Course detail: OSH117 - The Roaring Twenties
Many scholars believe modern America was born in the 1920s. This raucous era brought us modern advertising, supermarkets, buying on credit, commercial radio and flight, culture wars, short skirts, fads, voter apathy-even television. Dramatic technological and social changes clashed with conservative values. Prosperity and mass media expanded their reach to more Americans than ever before, but this was also the "Aspirin Age"-a time of anxiety about health, public morals, crime, terrorism, corruption and race relations. This course will delve into the people and events that set the United States on a new path and continue to shape us.

 Session Detail:  OC18310F
Schedule: Every week on Tuesday, starting on 06/26/18 and ending on 07/10/18
Times: 02:00pm - 04:00pm
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Will Hickox
Will Hickox
Biography: Will Hickox has a doctorate in history from the University of Kansas. He plans, manages, and promotes public programming at the Watkins Museum of History, the headquarters of the Douglas County Historical Society. No image available

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Lawrence Campus
St Andrews Classroom
1515 St. Andrews Drive
Lawrence, KS 66047