Course detail: Courtroom Testimony

Testifying is not natural-even for the most experienced law enforcement witness. With careful preparation, law enforcement officers may find that testifying in court does not have to be a stressful. This course is designed to improve your skills in testimony, increase your awareness of the court system processes, and help you understand your role in describing the elements of the crime to a judge and jury in a reasonable light. 

Core Competencies 
  • Participants will exhibit the understanding of the court and its function.
  • Participants will demonstrate testimony skills.
  • Participants will exhibit the understanding of the necessity of pre-criminal trial preparation with the prosecutor. 
  • Participants will learn a number of suggestions for proper courtroom appearance.

Who Should Attend  
  • Law Enforcement Officers  

  • Self-paced online reading  
  • Videos 

Course Requirements 
  • Complete a multiple choice exam with a score of 70% or better

 Session Information: LE24943O

Schedule: On the 1st day of every 12 months, starting on 07/01/23 and ending on 07/01/24
Times: 12:00am-11:59pm CDT
NO TUITION : $0.00

Facility Detail

Self-paced Online Training
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