Course detail: Alternative Lethal Force for Officers: Knife Defense - Train the Trainer

This two-day course will educate participants and provide the knowledge to instruct the Alternative Lethal Force for Officers: Knife Defense training. Participants will be prepared to teach the requirements and standards for best practices. This training will familiarize the undercover officer with the selection, carry and use of a knife when, due to the covert nature of the mission, a firearm cannot be worn or is positioned in such a way it cannot be quickly deployed. 

The legal, policy, and use of force considerations of knives used by law enforcement will be examined to provide a framework for officers to decide the relevance of this ancient tool to the unique needs of the modern undercover law enforcement officer. Officers will explore uses and defenses against the knife through lectures and hands-on exercises. 

Core Competencies: 
  • Participants will be able to decide upon prescribed courses of action or techniques that will provide a greater level of safety in a variety of environments, events, and situations. 

  • Successfully demonstrate self-defense techniques with a knife. 
  • Understand the laws and policies that govern the use of a knife in a self-defense situation
  • Evaluate the knife's role in law enforcement from an operational and legal perspective with a consideration of state law, federal law and department policy. 
  • Identify features of a good "police use" knife and demonstrate general safe knife handling skills. 
  • Analyze various knife draws and grips to assess which techniques work for them and their equipment.
  • Conduct exercises to allow them to identify and differentiate various angles when both using and defending against the knife.
  • Recognize the speed, time, and distance between themselves and attackers as related to deploying their knife or defending against an edged weapon attack.
  • Employ methods of integrating empty hand and police duty knife skills

Instructional Methods:
  • Lecture
  • Hands-On Exercises

Who Should Attend:
  • Law Enforcement

Course Requirements:
  • 100 % participation
Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend University of Kansas sponsored events. If you require a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in an event, please email KLETC or call 620.694.1400 at least three weeks before the first day of the event. Some events may require notice earlier than three weeks and require you contact a specific individual; if so, that information is provided in the event-specific information.

 Session Information: LE23267F

Schedule: Every day, starting on 04/10/23 and ending on 04/11/23
Only 19 days left to register!
Times: 08:00am-05:00pm CDT




Please dress in layers, as the temperature in the room may be difficult to adjust. The session begins at 8:00AM and is estimated to end at 5:00PM. On-site registration will begin at 7:30AM.

For those attendees with dorm room reservations who desire to come in the night before, please come to the Main KLETC Entrance, it is near the flagpole and marked with a large "A". More information will be provided through email approximately one week before the start of training. Checkout time is Noon on your departure day or last day of training, please have all personal items removed at that time.

Law Enforcement officers attending continuing education training are permitted to carry their firearm while on the KLETC campus. Law enforcement officers carrying a firearm on the KLETC campus must possess appropriate agency identification.

We are a tobacco and alcohol-free campus.

No refunds will be made after the starting date of the seminar. If you have any questions concerning this session, please contact KLETC at 620.694.1400 or by email. Thank you again for your willingness to participate. We look forward to seeing you at KLETC!!


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