Course detail: Osher Membership Fee

A required individual Osher membership fee of just $25 will be collected during the fall semester each year to grant participation in the Osher offerings for the next 12 months. Your paid membership allows you to attend Osher courses and special events. It also provides you access to several FREE activities including: the KU Osher Speaker Series; The Artistic Exploration Club; The Book Club; and The Osher Outings. We're excited to nurture your ongoing quest to learn as you engage with and contribute greatly to the world around you.

 Session Information: OS24100H

Schedule: On the 1st day of every 12 months, starting on 07/01/23 and ending on 07/01/24
Times: 12:00am-11:59pm CDT
Osher Membership Fee : $25.00


Thank you for paying your Osher Membership Fee. We appreciate your support of Osher and look forward to your participation in our program.