Course detail: Fair and Equitable Policing Practices

The goal of this course is to identify and understand barriers to fair and equitable policing and how to implement practices of justice-based policing to reduce bias and enhance fair and equitable policing.  

Core Competencies 

  • Participants will determine their responsibility in identifying implicit biases, select proper procedures that are just and impartial, and recall the importance of character to establish legitimacy during police/public interactions.

Core Objectives
  • Understand types of bias: specifically, explicit and implicit bias 
  • Define privilege and how it relates to identity and bias 
  • Understand police legitimacy 
  • Understand procedural justice 
  • Define procedurally just behavior 
  • Define how trust affects police effectiveness 
  • Understand lawfulness vs legitimacy 

Who Should Attend 
  •  Course is open to anyone who has an interest to participate

  • Self-paced online reading 
  • Videos 

Course Requirements 
  • Complete a multiple choice exam with a score of 70% or better

This course satisfies the annual training requirement set forth in KSA 22-4610(2)(A) as amended by Section 3 of Chapter 94 of the 2011 Kansas Session Laws. It says "The agency policies shall require annual racial or other biased-based policing training which shall include, but not be limited to, training relevant to racial or other biased-based policing. Distance learning training technology shall be allowed for racial or other biased-based policing training."

 Session Information: LE24931O

Times: 12:00am-11:59pm CDT
No Tuition : $0.00

Facility Detail

Self-paced Online Training
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