Course detail: Reducing Repeat Encounters

Course Description:  

This online training is specific to situations involving persons who are experiencing a mental health crisis or other crisis. Completion of this training is estimated to take 1 hour.

Reducing Repeat Encounters is designed to provide first responding police officers with tools, skills and option to defuse critical incidents through exploration of crisis intervention, communications and teamwork within a community team. 

Core Competencies:
  • Participants will be able to decide upon prescribed courses of action or techniques that will provide a greater level of safety in a variety of environments, events and situations. 
  • Participants will exhibit fairness in policing while giving people a voice and performing law enforcement duties with impartiality and the necessary level of transparency to sustain and strengthen public trust. 
Course Objectives:
  • Articulate how to make the job of patrol officers safer and more effective when responding to many critical incidents, in particular those involving subjects in a behavioral crisis who are acting erratically and who are either unarmed or armed with a weapon other than a firearm.
  • Describe the key elements in de-escalation.
  • Recognize the importance of a multidisciplinary team response to someone experiencing a behavioral crisis.
  • Explain the concepts and importance of active listening.
  • Explain how non-verbal communications affect interactions with others. 
Course Requirements: 
  • 70%+ Assessment

 Session Information: LE25928O

Schedule: On the 1st day of every 12 months, starting on 07/01/24 and ending on 07/01/25
Times: 12:00am-11:59pm CDT
Registration Fee : $0.00

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