Course detail: Felony and High-Risk Vehicle Stop Training for Officer Survival

Course Objectives:
The High Risk and Felony Vehicle Stop Training for Officer Survival is a foundational training course designed to get agencies on the same page with their tactical considerations in dealing with these situations. The course develops a teamwork approach to dealing with any high risk type stops including felony stops, car chase conclusions, and suicidal subjects. We emphasize officers should never blindly run up to a vehicle which is essentially a barricaded subject(s) who have a mobile option. Proper Use of Force, Ethics, and Professionalism are addressed. Tactical considerations such as vehicle set up, officer responsibilities, suspect callout procedures, and team vehicle approaches are addressed. 

Our goal is to improve their tactical options and thinking. Many excessive use of force complaints come from these type of situations due to officers being "amped up" due to the extreme adrenaline rush caused by the pursuit/stop. Our goal is to create a comfort level and tactical mindset when dealing with any type of high risk stop. By slowing down and taking a tactical approach we believe is safer for law enforcement as well as subjects in the target vehicle and the general public. We also want our training to be enjoyable so attendees will look forward to continue training with future departmental training courses on the matter.

Who Should Attend: 
  • Law Enforcement
Course Requirements: 
  • 100% Attendance and participation

Fitness Level Necessary for Successful Completion: Active

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