Instructor: Thomas M. Hermann

No image available Biography: Thomas M. Hermann has a strong background in aeroelastic analysis of aerospace structures and has performed structural dynamic, aeroelastic, and dynamic loads analysis of aircraft ranging from single engine general aviation aircraft to twin turboprop, carrier based, AEW aircraft to twin turbofan transports and business jets. In the course of these projects, he has also conducted ground vibration and flight flutter testing. He completed his master's thesis in transonic aeroelasticity at the University of Kansas under Dr. C. Edward Lan.

Courses taught by this instructor:
Principles of Aeroelasticity

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This course is designed to provide a qualitative understanding of aeroelastic behavior for aerospace vehicles. The class will explore different forms of aeroelastic phenomena and associated issues in structural dynamics and aerodynamic-structure interaction. The level of class instruction is appropriate for engineers and managers with an undergraduate degree in engineering.
October 14-18, 2024, B Resort Hotel Orlando