Instructor: Michael H. Jenkins

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Mike Jenkins brings over thirty years' experience in the aerospace industry, having worked for several major original equipment manufacturers and as an independent aerospace consultant. He is an FAA DER with authority in 14 CFR Part 25 certification regulations. He specializes in mechanical systems including flight controls, doors, and hydraulics including system definition,requirements, architecture design and layout, and monitoring for traditional mechanical, electro-mechanical, hydro-mechanical, and fly-by-wire systems. He has extensive experience in sizing and performance analyses,design, schematics, testing, and failure mode and effects for power control units and actuators.

Mr.Jenkins has delegated authority for mechanical systems safety analyses for air conditioning, pressurization, oxygen, and fire protection. He also specializes in structures cabin safety for design and construction, testing and aircraft inspection as well as power plant safety analyses for airplane turbine engines and auxiliary power units. He is an SAE-18 committee member and a co-captain of ARP 4761. Mr. Jenkins holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah.

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Flight Control and Hydraulic Systems

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This course covers fundamental design issues, along with analysis and design methodologies for aerospace hydraulic and flight control systems. Topics include design requirements, component description and operation, component and system math modeling, component sizing, system layout rationale, system sizing and airframe integration. The course emphasizes the fundamentals and necessary engineering tools (both analytical and otherwise) needed to understand and design aerospace hydraulic and flight control systems.

Course preview webinar: The Future of Flight Control: A Flight Control Engineer's Perspective

October 14-18, 2024, B Resort Hotel Orlando