Instructor: Jeffrey Cooper

Jeffrey Cooper
Biography: With 29 years of law enforcement financial investigative experience, including several years of instructor experience, Jeff Cooper brings years of extensive experience in the areas of financial investigations, forensic accounting, Narcotics investigations and International financial crimes. As an IRS-CI Special Agent, Mr. Cooper had developed a broad knowledge base in a variety of investigative areas including money laundering, embezzlement, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, identity theft, and income tax evasion, including extensive cases with international transactions and undercover activities. Employing probative interviewing techniques combined with exhaustive forensic accounting analyses, Mr. Cooper has conducted and successfully completed joint investigations with various federal, state, and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies, leading to the forfeiture of illegally-sourced cash and assets and restitution to victims. Serving several years on a Southern Border Drug Task Force, Mr. Cooper has substantial experience utilizing forensic accounting techniques to expand investigations by identifying criminal proceeds that would be subject to forfeiture and money laundering violations. Mr. Cooper has also testified as an expert witness in federal cases involving money laundering. Mr. Cooper served as a firearms and use of force instructor for over twenty years. Mr. Cooper was assigned as a Resident Lead Instructor to FLETC for two years, and has taught numerous International Financial Investigative Techniques courses.His management background includes Supervisory Special Agent, Country Attaché to Canada, HQ Special Investigative Techniques (Undercover Operations), and ASAC. Since retiring, Mr. Cooper has maintained his expertise as a Money Laundering expert for the Department of Treasury, advising foreign governments on AML/ CFT issues. Mr. Cooper also contracts with the DEA on financial aspects of drug investigations. 

Mr. Cooper has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas, San Antonio. He has a Top Secret Clearance.

Classes by this instructor

Financial Investigations
This course will introduce law enforcement officers to methods of following a money trail from the proceeds of crime. The officers will learn how to expand an existing investigation to include financial crimes, and ultimately following a money trail to the disposition of those funds. Once the disposition is known, the officer will learn considerations for asset forfeiture based upon proceeds of crime versus facilitation.
Thursday, June 3, 2021, Ellis Co Emergency Services Bldg
Thursday, August 26, 2021, Learning Center Classroom Bldg