Instructor: Josh Sementi

Josh Sementi
Biography: Dr. Josh Sementi has 20 years of applied aeroelasticity and aircraft loads experience including both analysis and testing on Part 23 and 25 aircraft. Josh is also an FAA Consultant Loads DER with full approval authority for both Part 23 and Part 25 Static and Dynamic Loads. This experience has included developing aerodynamic models, structural models, and aero-structural splines for certification loads and flutter analysis as well as validating the models against flight loads survey and flight flutter testing measurements. This analysis has been performed in a variety of tools from classical beam theory methods to complete aircraft FEM based aeroelastic models. During his career Dr. Sementi has developed certification dynamic and static flight loads for over 25 STC's or STC amendments ranging from radomes and other minor modifications to blended and split scimitar winglets on a variety of Boeing aircraft. In addition to Structural Loads, Josh has extensive flight flutter test experience, as well as aircraft vibration environment development. Prior to working at TLG, Josh was a Senior Loads Engineer at Aviation Partners Boeing.

Classes by this instructor

This course provides an overview of aircraft structural external loads analysis including: criteria, design, analysis, fatigue, certification, validation, and testing. It covers CFR Part 25 airplane load requirements and the historical CFR Part 23 requirements which are the basis of the current ASTM standards. These concepts are applicable to many military structural requirements, UAV's, and other experimental or novel configuration aircraft.

Course preview webinar: eVTOL - Loads and Dynamics Criteria and Considerations

September 18-22, 2023, San Diego Marriott Mission Valley