Instructor: Paul Kimble

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Sgt.Paul Kimble is a 27 year veteran of the Wichita Police Department and currently is a field services overnight patrol sergeant. Since 2014, he has been a domestic violence and sexual assault trainer working with the GTEAP (Grants to Encourage Arrest and Prosecution) and now ICJR (Improving Criminal Justice Response) Grant through the Kansas Governor's Grants Office. Sgt. Kimble most recently attended the 4 day Advanced Strangulation Course as well as the 3 day Masters Course on Strangulation, sponsored by the Strangulation Institute in San Diego. He also completed the 5 day Introduction and Practical Application of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI) in January 2019.

Classes by this instructor

Domestic Violence, Protection Orders and Risk of Lethality
A class designed to define domestic violence, protection order, tools and strategies for assessing danger or risk of lethality. Responding to and investigating domestic violence, stalking orders, and lethality will be discussed along with the limitations of protection orders.
Tuesday, September 24, 2024, Kingman Expo Ctr
Strangulation: A Hidden Danger
This 4 hour course focuses on strangulation and how strangulation can be the precursor of a possible homicide. The attendees will become familiar with signs, symptoms, and terminologies of strangulation and how to use lethality assessments to help victims understand the lethal situation they might be facing with a strangler. The dangers of minimization during a strangulation investigation with an emphasis on the crime scene and interview. A trauma informed approach to interviewing victims will also be introduced with an understanding of trauma and the brain.
Tuesday, October 8, 2024, Parsons KLETC Regional Site
Trauma Informed Response and Strangulation: A Hidden Danger
This two-part training will cover Trauma Informed Response - Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims and Strangulation: A Hidden Danger.
Tuesday, July 23, 2024, Cowley County Community College - Wright Room