Instructor: James Thompson

No image available Biography: Sergeant Thompson has been in Law Enforcement for over eighteen years. Sergeant Thompson serves as an instructor for the Dodge City Police Department, the Kansas Narcotics Officers Association (KNOA), the Kansas Peace Officers Association (KPOA), the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) and teaches a variety of classes related to narcotics. Sergeant Thompson is a master instructor for Homefront Protective Group's Role of the Undercover course, Physical Surveillance Course and Advanced Physical Surveillance Course. Sergeant Thompson is the lead instructor and organizer of the Kansas Narcotics Officer Association's (KNOA) Basic Narcotics Investigators Course (BNIC). BNIC is a 36-hour reality-based training class, modeled after the highly successful Top Gun training which he graduated from in 2006. BNIC is designed to teach narcotics officers how to work a case from start to finish from debriefing an informant to planning and executing controlled purchase operations. BNIC is a mixture of classroom instruction paired with multiple practical scenarios. Sergeant Thompson started with DCPD in 2002 and worked patrol and then created the department's first ever full-time gang unit where he worked until promoting to Detective in 2006. Shortly after being promoted, Sergeant Thompson was assigned to narcotics. In 2008, Sergeant Thompson was selected as one of the first two Task Force Agents for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation's South West Kansas Drug Task Force. Sergeant Thompson was promoted to Detective Sergeant in 2020 and is assigned as the supervisor to the Special Investigations Division which investigates and handles all covert operations for the department to include narcotics, counter terrorism, and critical internal affairs investigations. Sergeant Thompson has been certified as an expert witness in narcotics cases for the Ford County District Court and is routinely consulted on cases by the Ford County Attorney's Office. Sergeant Thompson has focused his training on narcotics investigations and has attended over 650 hours of training related to narcotics work. Over his career Sergeant Thompson has worked and served as a case agent at every level of narcotics investigations, from street level trafficking to Title III wire intercepts. Sergeant Thompson has worked undercover to purchase firearms, many types of narcotics ranging from marijuana to methamphetamine, and murder for hire. Sergeant Thompson has planned and conducted countless controlled purchase operations over his career. Sergeant Thompson is committed to training the next generation of Narcs to continue the war on drugs.

Classes by this instructor

Confidential Source Management
The use of confidential sources and informants is a necessary evil in law enforcement. A good informant managed properly can be the difference in solving a variety of crimes, up to and including homicides. But a poorly managed informant can create a disaster for the officer and the department. Far too often officers are using informants without the proper knowledge on how and when they should be used.
Wednesday, August 18, 2021, Integrity Auditorium
Tuesday, October 5, 2021, Gardner Justice Center