Instructor: Harold Rosenstein

Harold Rosenstein
Biography: Mr. Rosenstein was the Chief Engineer, Phantom Works-The Boeing Companys'Advanced Development organization-with responsibility for new concepts, research programs and preliminary design. He retired in 2013 with 50 years of experience in developmental and production programs ranging from rotorcraft to large fixed-wing transport aircraft, both manned and unmanned. He has held various assignments with increasing levels of responsibility supporting Boeing's advanced fixed wing transports and V/STOL developments, including the development of the V-22 tiltrotor and the RAH-66 helicopter. He has taught university-level seminars on V/STOL engineering at Penn State, Nanjing University and the American Helicopter Society. He also belongs to numerous technical societies including the American Helicopter Society (AHS), and is a Senior Member-Emeritus of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Mr. Rosenstein received the prestigious Paul E. Haueter Award from the American Helicopter Society for "Significant contributions to VTOL aircraft development" and holds numerous patents. In addition he is a Technical Fellow of the American Helicopter Society for "Notable and outstanding contribitions to the vertical flight community".

Course taught by this instructor:
Fundamentals of V/STOL Rotorcraft

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This course will present key aspects of vertical flight and rotorcraft challenges through a review of their historical evolution, basic principles and enabling technologies. It will cover the fundamental principles underlying rotorcraft flight, flight performance, rotor limitations, configurations and conceptual design. Emphasis is placed on relating rotorcraft aerodynamics to airplane aerodynamics for those making the transition.

Course preview webinar: The History of Rotorcraft: Development of an Industry

September 16-19, 2024, San Diego Marriott Mission Valley