Instructor: Jose Mora-Vargas

No image available Biography: Jose Mora-Vargas currently works as an independent consultant for companies holding delegated organization status. He retired in November, 2017 as the Lead ODA Administrator at Associated Air Center, a Standard Aero Completion Center located in Dallas, TX. For several years, he has been an FAA designee, initially as a DER. Since 1976, he has worked for several OEMs, including Embraer, Bombardier, General Dynamics, Honda Aircraft, and Associated Air Center. During his professional career, he held positions as Program Manager, FAA Designee, Certification Engineer, DAS/ODA Administrator, and Certification Director. He has a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica (ITA) from Brazil, and a MSc degree in Business/Management Aeronautical Sciences from Embry-Riddle University (Florida).

Course taught by this instructor:
Cabin Safety and Crashworthiness of Aircraft Cabin Interiors

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