Instructor: Mark S. Ewing

Mark S. Ewing
Biography: Mark S. Ewing is former chairman of the aerospace engineering department and is currently the director of the Flight Research Laboratory at the University of Kansas. Previously, he served as a senior research engineer in the structures division at Wright Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and as an associate professor of engineering mechanics at the U.S. Air Force Academy. His research interests include structural vibrations and structural acoustics, especially as related to fiber-reinforced composites. Ewing is a past recipient of the University of Kansas School of Engineering Outstanding Educator Award. He holds a B.S. in engineering mechanics from the U.S. Air Force Academy, an M.S. in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in engineering mechanics, both from Ohio State University.

Courses taught by this instructor:
Aircraft Structures Design and Analysis
Structural Composites

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This course provides an introduction to the analysis and design of aircraft structures. Course content includes design criteria, structural design concepts, loads and load paths, metallic and composite materials, static strength, buckling and crippling, durability and damage tolerance, practical design considerations, certification and repair. Analysis exercises and a design project are included to better involve students in the learning process.

Course preview webinar: Sobering Stories of Aircraft Structural Inadequacy

October 14-18, 2024, B Resort Hotel Orlando