Course detail: Leadership Live One-Day Workshop: Say It Simply & Smartly

Don't let it be you! Don't be that person who puts an audience to sleep with a poorly organized business presentation, a stammering, "uh, um, you know," speaking style, and slides that feature a zillion words but no clear ideas.

This program, facilitated by Dr. Lee Stuart, long-time speaker and executive speaking coach, helps you avoid several all-too-common presentation problems. We explore the importance of non-verbal communication and learn to design our intended outcomes into our presentations. We learn to conduct audience analysis and how to craft compelling presentation openings and closings.  Every participant in the program will deliver a live presentation and receive immediate feedback.

Learning Objectives
  • Organize information for maximum impact and retention
  • Conduct thorough audience analysis
  • Select a presentation strategy based on the topic and purpose
  • Utilize strong openers and compelling closings
  • Manage non-verbal communication cues
  • Manage verbal pauses and "tics"

Who Should Attend
  • Any professional who needs to develop successful business presentation skills for customer/client and/or organizational audiences

Choose Your Way to Learn
  • Live-Online Participation: You will be given a log-in so that you can join the training live from anywhere. Our virtual classroom is equipped with numerous learning tools that promote engagement and facilitate application of knowledge.
  • Live In-Person: This program will be available as a live, in-person class at a date yet to be determined.

Course Accessibility
Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to participate in University of Kansas sponsored educational offerings. If you require a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in one of our online courses, please email or call 913-897-8530 at least 3 weeks prior to your anticipated start date.

Available sessions