Course detail: ITROL1 - Introduction to Technical Rescue (Online Part 1 - NFPA 2013)

ATTENTION: ONLY active Kansas Firefighters are eligible to take KFRTI courses; if you are not an active Kansas Firefighter, DO NOT enroll in this class. Contact the Institute at or call our toll free phone number (866-804-8841) to request special permission to take this class. Enrollments are monitored daily and unauthorized (non-Kansas firefighters) will be removed from the course and their registration fee refunded.

Introduction to Technical Rescue (ITR) Part 1 online is designed to meet the knowledge based elements of NFPA 1006, Chapter 5. Job Performance Requirements include but are not limited to: support resources, size up, management of incident hazards, helicopter support operations, inspecting of specialized equipment, ropes, knots, bends, and hitches. This course requires approximately 12 hours of instruction online and includes 17 online activities which must be completed 7 days prior to attending Introduction to Technical Rescue Part 2.

Student provided Text: Rope Rescue Manual, 5th Edition by CMC Rescue (2017).
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How to View Training Certificates Online (PDF Document)
Introduction to Technical Rescue Qualification Preparation Guide (PDF Document)

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