Course detail: Fall 2023 Collection: Legal Updates & Police Writing

This four-hour block of in-person law enforcement training will include overviews of three important areas: Kansas criminal law & procedure updates, Kansas juvenile & child in need of care law & procedures, and Police Writing (search warrants). 

Core Competency: 
  • Participants will develop procedural knowledge of federal, state, and local laws as they pertain to the actions of law enforcement officers and the enforcement of those laws.  

Course Objectives: 
  • Identify 2023 legislative changes to Kansas criminal law & procedure and Kansas juvenile & child in need of care law & procedures. 
  • Analyze how recent legislative changes directly impact how law enforcement in Kansas remains professional and promotes public safety. 
  • Apply recent changes to Kansas criminal law and procedure to multiple cases in Kansas. 
  • Review techniques for writing search warrant applications. 
  • Analyze the legality of standards & procedures used by law enforcement in writing and executing search warrants. 
  • Practice drafting and editing search warrants for different places/items. 

Instructor Methods: 
  • Lecture 
  • Group discussion 

Who Should Attend: 
  • All Law Enforcement 

Course Requirements: 
  • 100% Participation 

Fitness Requirements and Expectation of Physical Risk: Sedentary

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend University of Kansas sponsored events. If you require a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in an event, please email KLETC or call 620.694.1400 at least three weeks before the first day of the event. Some events may require notice earlier than three weeks and require you contact a specific individual; if so, that information is provided in the event-specific information.

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