Course detail: AERO0330 - Fundamentals of V/STOL Rotorcraft

This course will present key aspects of vertical flight and rotorcraft challenges through a review of the historical evolution, basic principles and enabling technologies. It will cover the fundamental principles underlying rotorcraft flight, flight performance, rotor limitations, configurations and conceptual design. Emphasis is placed on relating rotorcraft aerodynamics to airplane aerodynamics for those making the transition.

  • Practical understanding of how rotorcraft evolved and differences with fixed wing
  • The technologies that were needed to bring the industry to its current level, and those needed for continued evolution and growth
  • Basic procedures to estimate rotorcraft flight performance, and understand rotor limitations
  • Vertical/ Short Takeoff & Landing (V/STOL) configurations, attributes and limitations
  • Overview of the design process and introduction to conceptual design, with case studies to illustrate how different configurations compare
Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for engineers, engineering managers, pilots, administrators and educators who are involved in rotary wing design, testing, evaluation or other technical aspects. The course is also suitable for entry- through intermediate-level students, engineers and pilots who are new to the industry.

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Early registration course fee: $1,895 if you register and pay by the early registration deadline (45 days prior to the first day of class).

Regular registration course fee: $1,995 if you register and pay after the early registration deadline.

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Certificate Track
Flight Tests and Aircraft Performance; Aircraft Deisgn

Classroom hours / CEUs
21 classroom hours
2.1 CEUs

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AERO0330 Course Information and Outline (PDF Document)

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