Course detail: PFFPS - Personal Financial Fitness for Public Safety

This course will help public safety personnel examine their personal financial situation, explore practices that allow them to reach their goals and create a solid foundation for resilience during economic hardship. Establishing healthy financial habits can help reduce stress, shield from ethical problems and reserve security clearances. Through lecture, hands-on exercises and self-assessment, participants will develop their awareness and knowledge in this critical aspect of personal and family wellness. 

  • Participants will be able to examine their current habits, establish goals and develop plans to attain financial well-being. 

Course Objectives:   
  • Recognize and discuss the importance of budgeting, goal setting and distinguishing the difference between needs and wants.  
  • Define and recognize the importance of power of attorney, wills and legacy planning in public safety.  
  • Discuss the role debt plays in retirement planning and how to utilize pension and other retirement accounts.  
  • Identify how financial stress affects on the job performance and evaluate its importance in a holistic approach to wellness. 

Instructional Methods: 
  • Lecture and guided discussion 
  • Hands-on exercises 
  • Self-assessment budgeting project 

Who Should Attend?  All public safety personnel and their spouses/significant others

Available sessions