Course detail: Autism Spectrum Disorder De-escalation Strategies in the School Setting

Course Description: 
This course will provide school resource officers and officers who are frequently called upon by school personnel an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder, information about the de-escalation cycle and the most effective strategies for intervention.

Core Competency:
  • Participants will be able to decide upon prescribed courses of action or techniques that will provide a greater level of safety in a school environment, event or situation. 
Course Objectives:
  • Participants will understand the triad of characteristics in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Participants will understand how these characteristics may impact students in school settings
  • Participants will explore the de-escalation cycle
  • Participants will identify strategies used for de-escalation interventions in a school setting
  • Participants will reflect on how new learning will impact student outcomes
Instructional Methods:
  • Zoom (Virtual Platform)
  • Lecture
  • Group Discussion
  • Scenarios
Who Should Attend:
  • School Resource Officers
  • Officers who are frequently called upon by school personnel
Course Requirements:
  •  Maintain 100% contact with the class through use of video camera/microphone
  • Participate in all exercises and scenario discussions
  • Complete a pretest and posttest
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