Course detail: UODCC - Undercover and Off-Duty Concealed Carry


This course will train officers in critical issues surrounding concealed carry and deployment of their firearms.  Limitations in capabilities, gear selection, legal and policy issues will be discussed.  Officers will train in methods to safely draw and re-holster with a concealment garment, as well as, how to minimize danger when uniformed personnel arrive.   

  • Identify and discuss On vs Off duty considerations related to firearms deployment
  • Discuss gear selection regarding firearm and support equipment
  • Analyze the problem of interacting with responding on-duty personnel
  • Practice drawing and holstering with concealment garments
  • Practice and compare various methods for officer to identify self
  • Employ safe methods to draw, fire and simulate post shooting during live fire exercises
Instructional Methods:
  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Hands-on Exercises
  • Live Fire Assessment
Who Should Attend:
  • Law Enforcement
Course Requirements:
  • 100% Participation


Available sessions