Course detail: LDRS4005 - Leadership Live One-Day Workshop: Building a Winning Culture

 A healthy organizational culture contributes to positive business performance and to employee satisfaction. Its importance has been proven by research studies and by best-practice companies. But a great culture is elusive.

In this program, we explore the three essential levels of organizational culture: artifacts, espoused values, and underlying assumptions. A deep understanding of these levels is necessary before lasting cultural changes can occur. We also discuss the five tribes - or team identities - that exist in most cultures, and how to ladder teams up to higher performance and higher levels of satisfaction. Finally, we investigate the role of five key dysfunctions in impeding cultural growth.

Learning Objectives
  • Diagnose organizational cultures through the artifacts, values, and assumptions framework 
  • Assign tribal stages to work teams in your organization
  • Recognize the five dysfunctions that impede cultural growth
  • Create a roadmap for driving cultural improvement in your organization

Who Should Attend?
  • Middle managers, team leads, supervisors, and directors who are responsible for establishing and modeling appropriate values
  • Human Resources professionals who act as internal consultants to their organizations.

Choose Your Way to Learn
  • Live-Online Participation: You will be given a log-in so that you can join the training live from anywhere. Our virtual classroom is equipped with numerous learning tools that promote engagement and facilitate application of knowledge.
  • Live In-Person: This program will be available as a live, in-person class at a date yet to be determined.

Available sessions