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Course detail: LDRS2020 - Leadership Link & Learn FREE WEBINAR: Values-Based Leadership
Successful leaders must traverse the rapidly evolving 21st century business landscape with unrelenting focus on two dynamics: Vision and Values. Leaders must be able to clearly communicate-over and over again-their organization's vision, stated not in words of what they do or how they do it, but in words that draw employees, customers, partners, and community members into a shared belief about possibilities.

Transformative leaders lead from values, not from business plans. The achievement of business objectives is a result or by-product of pursing a vision that is wrapped in the types of values that motivate people: trust, integrity, compassion, generosity, and inclusiveness.

In "Values-Based Leadership," professional leadership coach Lee Stuart will lead you through a discovery process that sharpens your understanding of the higher principles that should guide your organization, the "whys" of its existence. Then you will work to develop and practice your "vision and values" message through presentation coaching. Finally, you will be given tools for assessing how well your message is being understood and acted upon. It's a reflective, enriching experience that alters the way leaders think about their roles.

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