Course detail: ZERO1890 - Diversity, Communication & Organizations
Organizational change is complex, requiring a comprehensive, long-term communication strategy to build capability, support and advocacy for each change initiative across the organization. Yet, many organizational change project managers approach communication as a list of emails to be sent and PowerPoint presentations to be delivered. This strategy is ineffective because it typically does not start with an understanding of the different concerns, motivations and values of the stakeholders who will be affected by the change. This course will center communication as the heart of successful change efforts that validate and engage stakeholders, beginning with identifying key stakeholders and their values, and then creating robust communication strategies to support the entirety of the change process. Learning outcomes will be shaped by best practice research in interpersonal, social identity, and organizational communication. The course will apply these best practices to a variety of case studies, as well as class participants' own workplace change communication projects. The course is well-suited for professionals of all levels seeking to deepen their understanding of the often hidden communication dynamics that make or break change initiatives in today's ever-changing, increasingly diverse, and collaboration-intense organizations.

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