Course detail: OSH173 - Seven Kansas Women Who Couldn't Vote

Long before Kansas women obtained the unfettered right to vote in 1912 (a full eight years before the 19th Amendment established that right nationally), they found other ways to affect policy in public spheres dominated by men. The same indomitable spirit that enabled pioneer women to withstand the rigors of frontier life infused their efforts to shape the society in which they lived. Sara Robinson, Julia Lovejoy, Clarina Nichols, Carry Nation, Annie Diggs, Mary Lease, and Lilla Day Monroe, among others, took on such struggles as those to abolish slavery, repel demon rum, improve the lot of farmers and secure more rights for women. INSTRUCTOR BIO: Jerry Harper is a retired lawyer. He taught as an adjunct instructor at the KU Law School and taught Western Civilization in the KU Humanities Program. He has an ongoing interest in Kansas's more colorful characters.

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