Course detail: OSH262 - Deep Time: Stories from the Rocks

It is only in relatively recent history that we have come to understand that the earth is immensely older than a few thousand years. By careful studies of rock layering and their fossils and minerals, ancient worlds have emerged out of our seas, forests and deserts. The study of geology has the axiom that "the present is the key to the past." However, the record of the rocks can also tell us something about the future of the planet. In this class we will review some chapters from earth history and examine fossils and rock sample that provide clues to this story. Instructor Bio: John Doveton at the age of nine, saw a picture of a trilobite and was captivated by this little creature from the very distant past. He experienced what geologists refer to as "Deep Time." John studied geology at university and took field trips all over Europe before starting his career as a wellsite geologist on drilling rigs in Canada. He has taught at the University of Kansas for more than 40 years.

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