Course detail: OSH202 - Edinburgh: City of Ideas

Edinburgh is a popular destination remembered fondly for its magnificent skyline and vibrant city life. However, behind the tourist attractions lies a proud history of ideas that have shaped the world we live in, especially from the ferment of the "Scottish Enlightenment." Great ideas oft gang awry,so we'll also review some epic disasters whose anniversaries continue to be observed. Edinburgh was the first city designated a UNESCO "City of Literature," appropriate since its railway station is the only one in the world named after a novel. As Scotland teeters on the brink of independence, its capital forges into the future as a city of excitement and new ideas.

Although John Doveton is a Sassenach, he grew up in Edinburgh where he received a thoroughly Scottish education. He will incorporate his lessons and personal experiences in a commentary on a city where past, present and future coexist vividly in the everyday.

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May 2-16, 2019, Tallgrass Creek Retirement Community

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