Course detail: OSH193 - Disappeared!

This course examines three historical disappearances,one in 17th century, and two in the 19th century: The Roanoke Colony, the Franklin Arctic Expedition and the Mary Celeste. Although the sites where they vanished are widely distant from one another, they have one thing in common: no one knows for sure what happened to the people involved. There are many theories, some reasonable and some quite mad. We will set the stage, analyze the known facts and try to answer the most important question of all from these perplexing mysteries - what really happened?

Please note the dates and location for this course are different that those published in the catalog. The dates are  Mondays, April 15, 22 & 29 at the North Kansas City Public Library, 2251 Howell St., North Kansas City, Mo. We apologize for the change and any inconvenience.

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April 15-29, 2019, North Kansas City Public Library

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