Course detail: OSH167 - Exploring the British Northern Isles
Have you ever wanted to playthe game of Ba', walk the Ring ofBroghdar, sit in a Black House,smell a peat fire, speak Orcadianor sail Scapa Flow? If the answeris yes, come aboard the ferrydeparting from the Scottishmainland on October 27 forShetland, Orkney and the OuterHebrides. We will explore thephysical, economic and culturalgeography of these fantasticislands. After an introductionto the geography of HighlandScotland, we will discuss topicssuch as archaeology (why Orkneyis the "Egypt of the North"), landtenure (clans, crofts and clearances),ecology (the machair) andeconomies (sheep and oil) of each ofthe three island groups.

This course has been cancelled.

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