Course detail: OS18303F - Rolling Revolution: How Bicycles Changed Lawrence
When bicycles rolled onto the national scene in the 19th century, they frightened horses, upset convention, and quickened the pace of everyday life. A new exhibit explores the impact of bicycling in Lawrence from the 1870s to today, with stories of races, clubs and controversies over bicycles' effects on mobility, clothing, gender, and youth. In this exclusive Osher tour, Curator Brittany Keegan will take you on a ride through the bicycle revolution, showing how it spelled new opportunities for women and children and how Lawrence riders have continued to impact our community through races and trails.Friday, July 2010 a.m. - Presentation followed by tour to view the Bicycle exhibitNoon - Lunch 1-2 p.m. - Behind-the-scenes tour of the Watkins Museum collection

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