Course detail: LDRS2085 - Presentation Skills 1-on-1 Coaching
Don't let it be you! Don't be that person who loses an audience with a poorly organized business presentation, a stammering, uh, um, you know, speaking style, and slides that feature a zillion words but no clear ideas.Through 1-on-1 presentation skills coaching, participants will learn to deliver impactful business presentations.You will learn:It Begins with the Audience: How to organize a presentation to generate the audience outcomes you are trying to achieve.Stand and Deliver: How to speak in a compelling manner using short, active info-bites, clear messaging guideposts, a strong vocal presence, proper posture, appropriate gestures and movement, and all the other nuances of effective speaking.Killer Slides, Not Slides That Kill: How to assemble a slide show that complements and supports your presentation, aids audience understanding, and leaves a powerful visual reminder of your key points.Strong Closings: How to clearly communicate next steps, whether you're asking for the big go-ahead or simply giving a project update.The presentation skills coach is Dr. Lee C. Stuart, Leadership Programs Manager and a long-time presentation coach to dozens of business executives, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (he knows good writing), and a former radio broadcaster (he knows good speaking). Contact Lee Stuart directly to discuss the opportunity at

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