Course detail: KOMETLRCC - Kansas Online Mental Health Emergency Training: Law Enforcement Response to Crisis Calls

This online training is designed for law enforcement officers and dispatchers who, in their duties, are frequently called upon to deal with individuals who are suffering from brain disorders and mental health issues.
Police Officers are increasingly being asked to respond to citizens in crisis. Some statistics indicate Law enforcement has seen a 25% increase in the amount of calls that are related to persons with mental and behavioral health issues. These numbers will continue to increase as more individuals in need of treatment are diverted into outpatient community based treatments instead of inpatient hospitalization.
Current trends indicate that our society, courts and political leaders expect law enforcement to adjust its response to mental illness. Officers should be prepared for changes mandated by Sheriffs and Chiefs in response to a changing mental health landscape in our communities. 

Core Competencies 
  • Participants will choose empathy over sympathy, identify the correct use of the 4th amendment, and define the hearing processes in consideration of mentally ill persons. 
Who Should Attend 
  • Law Enforcement Officers 
  • Dispatchers 
  • Self-paced online reading 
  • Videos 
Course Requirements 
  • Complete a multiple choice exam with a score of 70% or better

Available sessions