Course detail: HTONLN - Human Trafficking: Duties for Law Enforcement

This course includes law enforcement forensic materials and training to identify and investigate human trafficking cases. Examples of Kansas human trafficking cases from a variety of Kansas communities will be discussed, as will new protocols for law enforcement officers when juvenile victims of trafficking are identified. Child sex trafficking in Kansas is on the increase. The internet makes recruiting victims easier, and mobile phones and prepaid credit cards allow untraceable contacts between pimps, johns and victims. New laws in Kansas provide new tools for law enforcement to combat trafficking and greatly change the law for victims of human trafficking, particularly for those under 18 years of age. The new law mandates law enforcement to take victims into police protective custody, and there is a new protocol for handling juvenile victims. The class will cover the investigation of trafficking at motels, routine car stops, domestic violence calls and schools. Mandatory reporting and the involvement of DCF will be discussed. The class will provide examples of Kansas cases and the indicators of human trafficking.

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