Course detail: DDCFI - Detecting Deception for Certified Fire Investigators

This course is designed to enhance your interview skills along with learning how to recognize truthful and deceptive behaviors. This training class will cover communication skills, developing rapport, theme development, as well as verbal and non-verbal signs to improve students ability to recognize truthful and deceptive behaviors. Law enforcement professionals and Fire Department investigators will benefit from this unique and interactive training. Topics Include: ? Developing rapport? Importance of background information? Theme development? Setting up interview rooms? Signs of stress manifested in body language? Voice Pitch? Liars triangle? Posture? Barriers? Eye movement? Length of truthful statements? Formula for evaluating statements? Identifying key words and phrases? Importance of pronouns? Recognizing verbal evasivenessThis training will provide the student with an ability to distinguish and properly evaluate the truthfulness of a subject in a variety of situations. The student workbook is designed to enhance the training and provided to students as a reference in the future.

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