Course detail: Sovereign Citizens & Domestic Terrorism

In many communities around North America, a subculture exists whose followers hold complex, anti government beliefs. Sovereign Citizens, as they are commonly referred to, believe that they - not judges, juries, law enforcement, or elected officials - get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore. This movement has been growing at a fast pace since the late 2000's, and members do not think government has any business inside their lives. This training will help identify these subgroups and their differences in view even from other Sovereign Citizen groups, what they believe and their tactics.

Core Competencies
  • Participants will identify, prepare for and respond to the Sovereignty Movement in ways meant to protect themselves during encounters.
Who Should Attend
  • Patrol Officers
  • Detectives
  • Supervisors
  • Other Law Enforcement Agents
  • Lecture
  • Instructor led discussions
  • Group exercises
Course Requirements
  • 100% Attendance