Course detail: Sovereign Citizens & Domestic Terrorism

Incidents of Domestic Extremism have soared to new highs in the United States, driven chiefly by anti-government extremists on the far right. Since 2005, right-wing extremists have been involved in 762 attacks on governmental institutions and the death of44 law enforcement officers around the country. This officer safety course is designed to educate and empower attendees with information to help them recognize, prepare for and respond to the sovereignty movement and to protect themselves during interactions. It emphasizes the importance of heightened awareness about the group, its ideology and tactics in real world scenarios related to workplace and community interactions.

Core Competencies
  • Participants will identify, prepare for and respond to the Sovereignty Movement in ways meant to protect themselves during encounters.
Who Should Attend
  • Patrol Officers
  • Detectives
  • Supervisors
  • Other Law Enforcement Agents
  • Lecture
  • Instructor led discussions
Course Requirements
  • 100% Attendance

Available sessions