Course detail: SB367 - Mitigating Juvenile Exposure to the Criminal Justice System: Training for Senate Bill 367
The Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC), in partnership with the Kansas Attorney General and the Kansas State Board of Education, is pleased to announce a course of training titled MITIGATING JUVENILE EXPOSURE TO THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: Training for Senate Bill 367. This course fulfills the training requirements established in this bill by the 2016 Kansas Legislature for law enforcement officers primarily assigned to a school and school superintendents or their designees.

During this training course, attendees will learn about adolescent development; risk and needs assessments; mental health; diversity; youth crisis intervention; substance abuse; trauma-informed responses; and other evidence-based practices in school policing to mitigate student juvenile justice exposure. The requirements set forth in the SB 367 for school police and administrators are part of a larger juvenile justice reform effort by the Kansas Legislature. Officers whose primary assignment is at a school are required to complete the training no later than June 30, 2018.

Available sessions