Course detail: GSOUDLE - Gold Shield: Opioid Use Disorders, Substance Abuse and Addiction in Law Enforcement - The Covert Enemies and Tactics to Combat Them

Opioid, substance abuse and addiction are part of the first responder culture Often, they are not recognized and addressed as a problem until it's too late. Utilizing decades of experience working with front-line officers and law enforcement leadership, Dr. McDougall, who is a recognized and awarded speaker and trainer at national and international conferences, will provide a poignant and powerful examination of a problem that affects nearly every law enforcement agency and organization. Proven solutions include tactics for the individual officer and policy guidelines for agencies.
Core Competencies
  • Participants will analyze the statistics of officers with dependencies and how and why dependency starts.
  • Participants will identify preventative measures they can employ to reduce the likelihood of substance abuse and addiction.
Who Should Attend
  • Patrol Officers
  • Detectives
  • Supervisors
  • Telecommunicators
  • Detention Officers
  • Other Law Enforcement Agents
  • Group discussion and debate
Primary Course Objectives
  • Participants will acquire materials that can be immediately applied to improve or even save the lives of law enforcement officers.
Note:  The Sedgwick County Health Department is providing scholarships to those officers who work for a law enforcement agency within Sedgwick County.  Please click on the drop down box in the 'price' section and choose the second option - "no cost for law enforcement agencies in Sedgwick County" to have your registration fee waived.  

This event is provided in partnership with the Reno County Health Department

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