Course detail: GSBPL - Gold Shield: Bulletproof Leadership
Ron Glidden developed his Bulletproof Leadership training to provide public safety leaders with strategies to help them get the results from employees that they want (and that the public demands). This training equips leaders with the tools they need to improve employee morale, accountability and performance in the occasionally difficult and always demanding public sector work environment. It is appropriate for both new and experienced supervisors and managers of any rank or position who want to get better results from their employees. Today's leaders need concrete tools. Tools that are easy to use, work effectively, and produce results! That's why public safety organizations and municipalities throughout the country call on Ron to present his breakthrough, no-nonsense Bulletproof Leadership training to their leadership teams! Call or email Ron today for more information on how to bring this results-oriented presentation to your organization or your next association conference. Bulletproof your leadership efforts today.

Ron's Bulletproof Leadership training has been certified by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) as part of the National Certification Program.

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