Course detail: TRO - Trench Rescue Operations

Trench Rescue Operations is a three-day non-certification course designed for technical rescue teams who respond to trench and/or excavation accidents. This course is taught to OSHA Standard CFR 1926 and NFPA Standards 1670 and 1006, 2008 edition. This course goes beyond the Awareness and Operations level but does not quite fill the Technician Level requirements at this time. Topics in the course include development of protective systems, access and disentanglement of victims in trench or excavation collapses in trenches 8 feet deep or less, and non-intersecting trenches. Participants taking this course must be physically fit and able to do moderate to heavy lifting.

Student Provided Text: Trench Rescue: Principals and Practices to NFPA 1006 and 1670, 3rd Edition by Martinette, and Zawlocki

Course pre-requisites
(recommended) Intro to Tech Rescue Online
(recommended) Intro to Tech Rescue Part 2

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